Laboratory Facilities

The Central Coordinating Center for Research (CCR) is located in Karachi where it is housed in a 13500 sq. ft. three-story building that accommodates > 1 million biospecimen from 100,000 participants and has all clinical and lab facilities to process and store blood samples. Additionally, CNCD has established field collection units at 11 cardiovascular institutes located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore and Multan – all major cities in Pakistan.

Clinical Epidemiology

All health physicians, research associates and laboratory staff based at CNCD have access to individual computers. Personalised accounts and institutional email addresses have been provided to all our staff. Separate facilities are available for data storage and data entry purposes as well.

Prospective follow-up and Deep Phenotyping

CNCD is currently collaborating with thirteen different tertiary care hospitals in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan andFaisalabad. All research medical officers have access to the emergency room, medical units, neurology stroke unit or ward, ICU or CCU and out-patient departments of these participating centers. CNCD has established a field lab at all of these institutes with space available for processing of biological samples and storage at 80 0C, -20 0C and -4 0C freezers. All the freezers are plugged to emergency lines connected to a stand-by central generator. All these institutes have also provided a clinical room to our staff to conduct interviews of participants eligible for enrolment to any of our studies.


We continue to provide support to students who are interested in pursuing post-graduate studies (Masters or PhD) at CNCD. Please send an email at hr@cncdpk.com to get further information.